Faq’s Answers for The Happy Goat Kratom

  1. What is Kratom?

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree native to Southeast Asian countries. Kratom leaves have been used for medicinal purposes since the 19th century and are effective against diarrhoea, cough, anxiety and depression.

  1. What is kratom powder?

Kratom leaves are dried and ground to make a fine powder of them to be used in various applications. The choice of leaves and the combination determines the color of powder obtained.

  1. How to buy Kratom online in Canada?

You can buy Kratom online from our online store. Visit the home page of our website, choose from the displayed product. For detailed difference, you can click on drop down menu and choose the strain type to open list of products.

  1. Where can you buy Kratom online in Canada?

The Happy Goat Kratom is the best way to get Kratom online in Canada. Choose a Kratom product and order it at your address. Our product are sourced directly from the farmers of Indonesia.

  1. Is Kratom Legal in Canada?

Kratom is legal in Canada, you can use them for research purposes. However, it is not approved by Health Canada making it unfit for human consumption.

  1. Why should you choose the happy goat kratom?

We provide high-quality Kratom directly sourced from the regional farmers in the island of Indonesia. So you can expect to receive high-grade Kratom powder.

  1. Who are the best kratom vendors in Canada?

Happy Goat Kratom is one of Canada's best and safest Kratom vendors in Canada. We legally import Kratom from Indonesia to provide high-quality product to Canadians.

  1. What is Super Maeng Da Kratom?

Super Maeng Da Kratom is made from the biggest and most matured Kratom leaves as bigger leaves indicate higher concentration of Alkaloids – the prime chemical in Kratom.

  1. What is Gold Bali kratom?

Gold Bali Kratom is a well-balanced, mild strain obtained by sun-drying and fermenting the red-vein Kratom leaves native to the Bali region in Indonesia.

  1. Where to buy Super Maeng Da kratom in Canada?

Super Maeng Da  kratom leaf powder is uniformly blended with our full spectrum extract to achieve Mitragynine levels around 5%. You can buy Super Maeng da Kratom from The Happy Goat Kratom in Canada.

  1. What is the difference between gold Bali Kratom and red maeng da kratom?

Red Maeng Da: the strain made famous for its serenity-inducing aroma Maeng Da Kratom trees to reach full maturity before plucking them to make Red Maeng Da Kratom. The leaf vein color contributes to the tinge of red found in this powder whereas Gold Bali Kratom is recognized by its vein. It's leaf is read while the central vein is more in Gold color.